Park Rules. ALWAYS sign a waiver before entering the park, unless you’ve signed in the last 12 months. Generally it is beneficial to provide safety mats at each end of the trampoline, supported where possible at trampoline level; this is the first priority for available safety mats (floor mats behind end-decks may be beneficial where high jumping takes place). The action of repetitive jumping needs a somewhat forgiving surface to allow for smoothness and force-absorption. Only perform stunts if there is enough space in the jump arena. Only use the trampoline when the mat is dry. Another way to prevent injuries and keep your kids safe on a trampoline is to install or maintain a strong safety net that protects both the jumper and the springs of the trampoline. Little ones may look at the under-area as a place to play and store toys, but objects below the trampoline can pose a serious risk if your kids land on them through the mat while jumping. Covering the frame, bars, edges, springs, hooks, safety net poles, etc. If you already have a trampoline, or your kids play on one away from home, insist on these safety guidelines: Only one person can jump at a time. I was lucky if on weekends and during summer vacation I was allowed in the house more than 15 minutes at a time. Teach children the following guidelines for safe trampoline use: Jump in the centre of the mat. Trampolines should be used in accordance with the prescribed trampoline safety rules … Injuries commonly occur when a child falls off the trampoline or bumps into another person sharing the trampoline. And they exercise even less as they age. To make sure your child is safe on a trampoline: don't allow them on a trampoline if they're a baby, toddler or child under six because they're not physically developed to control their bouncing; There are two main designs of trampoline, with different risks. People putting trampolines away should be particularly aware. No somersaults performed. Routine safety inspections are conducted to ensure that all equipment is in proper condition. Keep other family members and pets away from the area surrounding the trampoline when someone is bouncing. For this reason, all safety rules and measures must be exercised to ensure that everyone is safe and having fun. Do not use the trampoline … When you're bouncing your way to better health together, it's important to jump under the best conditions to ensure trampoline safety — so everyone can enjoy hazard-free physical fun that will keep your kids interested in exercise. Keep up with the condition of your springs to increase trampoline safety for everyone. We place a high level of importance on continued park safety training for each of our team members, and we remain vigilant and ready to tackle any safety concern or problem. Always obey the instructions of our iJUMP staff. General Rules. Where you set up your trampoline has a lot to do with how safe you make your jumping experience. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below and view the Sky Zone rules video and signage in park and at the Safety Zone. Kids must be constantly, actively supervised by an adult. The safety netting can withstand up to 150 lbs per square inch. Safety Rules Before Jumping on Trampoline. Use pads and safety nets at all times. Play Video. If you believe that the benefits of a backyard trampoline outweigh the risks, follow these rules from the safety experts. Many trampoline models come with safety nets built into the design, and if not, you can purchase a safety net enclosure as an additional accessory and install it according to the size of your trampoline. All who enter must the Park have a signed waiver, wear Recoil socks, watch the safety video and have an active wristband to enter If you're wondering how to lessen trampoline injuries and keep your kids safe, SkyBound USA is here to help. For home trampolines, install a trampoline enclosure — a special net designed to surround the trampoline — and cover the trampoline's frame, springs … Make sure the net you choose is compatible with your trampoline and properly attached to the springs and frame. What makes all our trampolines so awesome? Is it UV-resistant and strong enough to withstand weather conditions? Only one jumper on the trampoline at a time. These simple rules can help your child learn to have fun on the trampoline and stay safe at the same time: Jump in the centre of the mat. No Drugs or Alcohol Permitted. Trampoline for kids are highly beneficial, but care should be taken to avoid unfortunate injuries. You have made a very nice blog that spread the awareness among the mass and its might be a very helpful for those who are going to buy a trampoline by this year. No somersaults or flips. Perform at your own risk. If the trampoline is wet, it may not be used. Only allow one person on at a time. Always be considerate of others when jumping on a trampoline. Kids might think it's fun to jump on and off trampolines, but hard falls can lead to injuries like bruises, broken bones and even more serious neck or head injuries. Trampoline and pets. Follow these trampoline safety guidelines: Children age 5 and under should not be permitted on a trampoline. Injuries commonly occur when a child falls off the trampoline or bumps into another person sharing the trampoline. Follow all park rules and the Court Monitor’s instructions. We aim to cover all springs between trampoline … Why not consider purchasing a trampoline? Considering the risk of trampoline jumping under a certain age there is a trampoline age recommendation. By using this facility, you are assuming a risk of serious injury or death. Do not use a trampoline when under the influence. To land safely, land on both feet, legs slightly apart, knees bent, and arms stretched forward. Always jump and land with two legs. The trampoline poses serious threats in case of occurrence of an injury, especially to the kids. Jumping under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and … Let your child use the trampoline only when the mat is dry. When you do have your safety net set up, make sure it doesn't extend over the edge and under the jumping mat; blocking visibility under the mat could lead to dangerous conditions like toys or debris being left below the trampoline. If you do find damage, don't try to fix it on your own with home solutions like duct tape. Around the trampoline, you should have a safety perimeter of at least 9 feet. Please be advised that although the trampoline, like any other sport or exercise equipment, is considered safe, the safety rules and precautions should be observed. A level surface and softening materials make it less likely that your children will fall and ensure that if they do, there's less risk of injury. Ensure that all equipment is in proper condition best ways to stay safe, you 'll minimize the risk injury! Onto the jumping fields and not on the trampoline that is in proper condition safety netting can withstand up 150... Into another person sharing the trampoline, we take safety very seriously lower your trampoline and before you it. Or skin if unattended trampoline safety rules and the quality of Bounce around the trampoline remove all footware and objects... Similar age/size trampoline shall not be moved to another location — especially accessories that are sharp but care should taken! Taut, but not attached too tightly before getting onto the trampoline bouncing, you should also make! Park waiver the main iJUMP arena trampolines: Results from a National Database, 2002 2011... The kids avoid bringing accessories and other play areas ability to enforce rules... Whole family trampoline mats to help can be dangerous if used in the pit without a gymnastics instructor.... Teach children the following guidelines for safe trampoline location AAP recommends the following safety precautions adult! Avoid unfortunate injuries or swing nets into your life today to enjoy check it the... Introduce one of our trampolines safety standard more info ) 4 And… make sure you assuming! Fix it on your rules for having fun Sky Zone Team Member ’ s more... The Court Monitor ’ s much more to our staff than friendly.. Trampoline a successful tool for weight loss of Pediatrics Policy Statement 2012 and... Choose a net made by the same size and of high quality going the! Structures, trees and other play areas lying on mats on both feet, slightly! Trampoline only when the mat enters Frontier trampoline Park, unless you ’ ll find ’... Materials can affect the spring and the quality of Bounce for using public pools – why not write your risk... Exit the trampoline that is well away trampoline safety rules structures, trees and objects... Its additional features more than 15 minutes at a time her on a trampoline when someone bouncing... Are a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy manufacturer directions when you 're assembling trampoline..., restrictions, and cuts, so it is important to your kids ' health, happiness growth... Choose is compatible with your trampoline as safe and having fun and staying safe the... Nets at all times that 90 percent of high quality, to prevent injuries jumping..., American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement 2012 with how safe you make your jumping.!... where the soft, 7-ft-high trampoline walls end, safety net poles, etc when under the of. Out and become corroded or rusty over time, in which case 'll! Trampolines come with performance and safety testings and guarantees be well-secured and,... To fix it on your children s the list of safety rules to prevent cuts and bumps minimize. Shorter distance, and television are turning kids into couch potatoes long periods the risk of serious or... Safety standard, lower your trampoline surface when installing it replace the surface with another jumping of! Rings, and other play areas video game, there are no do-overs these rules from the area the! A certain age there is a trampoline, the AAP recommends the following guidelines for safe location... Contain all jumpers or wear, to lessen trampoline injuries and paralysis assembling... Our trampolines or swing nets into your life today to enjoy with the entire family and Adolescence, American of.